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Japan's Disaster Risk Reduction & Transportation Network日本の交通と防災

  • 5 x 25 min.
  • EDC2S038-001~005
  • English, Spanish, French, Arabic, M/E, HD

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Japan’s dense transport network must cover a country that stretches 3,000km from north to south. The world class technology used to guarantee the network’s safety, speed, and comfort is a show window for Japanese expertise. In this series, we explore transport as a symbol of Japanese ingenuity, introduce the people that ensure the system’s quality and safety, and discover the extraordinary technology behind the nation's transport infrastructure and its highly developed disaster preparedness.

1. Pursuing Safety: Urban Railways / 安全・安心を追求し続ける都市鉄道

2. Japan's Latest Long-Distance Coaches / 列島を駆け巡れ!長距離バス

3. The Shinkansen - Super Fast Long-Distance Rail / 人々の足・鉄道

4. Speedy, Efficient, Product Distribution / より早く、より確実に

5. Emergency Helicopters to the Rescue / 生命を守る翼 防災ヘリ