Art & Music

Bravo to Music!おんがくブラボー

  • 11 x 10 min.
  • English, Spanish (Eps.1-5), M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

The program aims to educate children about music in an entertaining format. Each episode takes place in a “musical mansion” where Bravo, a frog with expert musical knowledge, guides his three pupils Kumiko, Sora and Hinata through exercises in listening to music, playing musical instruments, and ensemble playing. Engaging elements such as pop quizzes, musical experiments and animated music scores entertain the viewers as they learn.

1. Feel the Music / 音を感じて考えよう

2. Let’s Play the Recorder / リコーダーに挑戦しよう

3. Trying Out Musical Instruments / さまざまな楽器に挑戦

4. Rhythms Make Music / リズムで音楽づくり

5. Studying a Traditional Japanese Song / “さくらさくら”のヒミツ

6. Learning to Play the Recorder Well / リコーダーをうまくふこう

7. Singing with Clear Resonant Voices / ひびくいい声で歌おう

8. Harmonizing is Fun / ハモるって気持ちいい!

9. Creating Melodies is Easy! / “せんりつづくり”はこわくない!

10. Let’s Explore the Devices of Music! / 音楽の“しかけ”をさぐろう!

11. Let’s Visit an Orchestra! / オーケストラに行こう!