Animal Babies: Mini Album II動物の赤ちゃん ミニアルバム II

  • 6 x 15 min.
  • EED9S018-001~006
  • English, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

An adorable panda cub waddles about and climbs a tree. A cute polar bear cub is still learning to swim trying to overcome the fear of water. This program is filled with treasured moments of animal babies from birth to adulthood filmed by staff in zoos and aquariums. Enjoy watching how these cute animal babies grow as if you were looking through the pages of a photo album.

1. Asian Elephant, Ichihara Elephant Kingdom / アジアゾウ~市原ぞうの国~

2. Bornean Orangutan, Tama Zoological Park / オランウータン~多摩動物公園~

3. Giant Panda, Adventure World / ジャイアントパンダ~アドベンチャーワールド~

4. Western Lowland Gorilla, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens / ニシローランドゴリラ~東山動植物園~

5. Red Panda, Akiyoshidai Safari Land / レッサーパンダ~秋吉台サファリランド~

6. Spotted Seal, Kamo Aquarium / ゴマフアザラシ~加茂水族館~