Amazing Human Powersからだのちから

  • 6 x 25 min.
  • EED1S027-001~005 + JAMCO LIBRARY (Eps.6)
  • English, Spanish, M/E, HD (Spanish only)

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

This science series for children aged 10 to 13 years offers the opportunity to learn about different human powers in a virtual studio through experiments with the guest Power Masters.

1. All-Powerful Human Hands / なんでも出来ちゃう不思議な手

This episode features human hands with a magician as special guest. The magician's brilliant tricks are made possible by his manual dexterity and flexibility as well as a strong power of expression. Through magic, children experience and enjoy the greatness of hands.

2. Use Our Body and Connect with Each Other! / からだでトーク!トゥギャザーしようぜ!!

Speech is not the only thing humans use to communicate feelings. Facial expressions and body language also play important parts in the process. Children learn some tips on how to clearly express their emotions to others.

3. The Amazing Power of Intuition / 気配を感じよう

People mainly use their sense of hearing when tuning in to their intuition. The power master offers fun ways to train the intuition, such as trying to sense how much water is being poured into a glass using the sense of hearing alone.

4. Jump Jump Jump / ジャンプ ジャンプジャンプ

Special guests include one of the three known rope skippers in the world who have succeeded in doing a sextuple under, a gold medalist of the Trampoline World Championships, and a women's national record holder in high jump. With several skillful techniques, children experience the pleasure of jumping and learn how their body works when they jump.

5. Human Biological Clock / 体内時計でスッキリおめざめ!

Studies show that with a healthy biological clock, people wake up fresh and energetic to start the day. Through simple tips on how to get up early, children learn the pleasure of waking up to a refreshing morning.

6. Are You Chewing? / 噛む噛むエブリバディ

Today's dietary life requires less chewing, which has been tied to certain health concerns. By introducing a country where people are cavity-free even at the age of 50, and methods on how to chew properly, this episode takes viewers on a fun "chewing" tour to show the benefits of chewing.