Data Box Science Search (11-12yrs)データボックス しらべてサイエンス

  • 15 x 15 min.
  • EED1S01702-001~015
  • English, French, Arabic, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

The children in this series discover their subject matter in the things surrounding them in daily life and their environment. They then research the relative mysteries and rules of science by themselves. The series provides rich imagery with the Data Box, a visual database that helps the children with their problem solving.

1. The Science of Flames / ほのおの科学

2. Food Builds the Body / 体をつくる食べ物

3. Inhaled Air and Exhaled Air / 吸った空気、はいた空気

4. The Story in Bones / 骨は語る

5. The Green Factory / 緑の工場

6. A Stratum is a Time Capsule / 地層はタイムカプセル

7. Land Formation / 陸地誕生

8. The Moving Land / 動く大地

9. The Gases Concealed in Water / 水にひそむ気体

10. Water that Melts Metal / 金属を溶かす水

11. Electric Currents and Magnets / 電流と磁石

12. Powerful Electromagnetism / パワーアップ電磁石

13. Water We Drink and Water We Drain / 飲む水・捨てる水

14. Why Fallen Leaves Disappear / 落ち葉はなぜ消える

15. Forest Life and People / 森の生き物と人