Digital Evolution (15-16yrs)デジタル進化論~コンピューターの物語~

  • 13 x 20 min.
  • EED1S022-001~013
  • English, Spanish, Arabic, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

The computer is said to be the greatest invention of the 20th century. It would be no exaggeration to say that our current way of life would not have developed as it has without the development of computers, and the IT revolution that has so enhanced our computer society to this stage continues to unfold at a swift pace.
But rapid progress sometimes ignores fundamental questions.
This series tackles basic questions about computers and networks with straightforward explanations that evoke "Now I get it!" responses. Each episode features stories of discovery and invention as well as experiments that will help you understand why computers, networks and their related technologies were created and how they work.
Each episode will deepen your understanding of computers.

1. Let’s Go Digital! / デジタルで行こう

2. I’m Really Just a Calculator / もともと私は計算機

3. Telling Computers What to Do / 計算機に命令する方法

4. OS: What does it mean? / OSって何?

5. Reality by the Numbers / 計算が生んだバーチャル

6. A Digitally Discriminating Eye / デジタルで見分ける

7. The Internet: What is it? / インターネットって何?

8. Connecting the World / 世界がつながるしくみ

9. Digital Technology Spots Errors / 間違いさがしもデジタルで

10. Making Computers Work / コンピューターをはたらかせるには

11. Computers Aren’t Invincible / コンピューターって万能なの?

12. Talking to Computers / コンピューターと人が対話するしくみ

13. Our Future with Computers / コンピューターと私たちの未来