Experiments Are Fun (10-12yrs)やってみようなんでも実験

  • 13 x 30 min.
  • EED1S016-001~013
  • English, French, Arabic (Eps.3-12), M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

We could say that this series presents scientific phenomena in such a way as to engender among schoolchildren a sense of awe at the marvels of the programs. Far better to say that the series will have the kids wide-eyed and murmuring "Wow".
How? By showing experiments on subjects that children are familiar with, using equipment that they recognize from their own experience.

1. The Secret of Ladybirds, Tiny Ninjas / 小さな忍者?てんとう虫の秘密

2. The Wonders of Snails / ツノ出せ!ヤリ出せ!カタツムリの不思議

3. The Wonders of Membranes / ミクロの関所 膜の不思議

4. Solids or Liquids? The Science of Amazing Materials / 固体?液体?ふしぎの物質の科学

5. Hot and Cold! Temperature Differences / ホットでクール!温度差パワー

6. The Science of Collisions / 当たってくだける?衝突の科学

7. Mid-Air Brakes - The Secret of Parachutes / 空気でブレーキ!パラシュートの秘密

8. The Wonder of Centrifugal Force / 回りまわって 遠心力の不思議

9. The Science of Toppling Dominoes / 倒して納得!ドミノ倒しの科学

10. The Science of Rolling / コロコロころりん 転がりサイエンス

11. The Magic of Static Electricity / ステキ!しびれる?静電気マジック

12. The Science of Magic / 新春 サイエンスマジックショー

13. Satoyama in Winter - Great Playground / ビバ!遊び場 冬の里山