Science in the Kitchen (13-15yrs)台所でおもしろ実験

  • 10 x 15 min.
  • EED1S019-001~010
  • English, French, Arabic, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Aim of the series: This series aims at encouraging parents and children to work together at home, mainly in the kitchen, carrying out amazing experiments and making fantastic crafts, using everyday materials. As they discover that scientific experiments can be fun, children will rapidly develop their interest in science.
We hope that more and more children will grow to love science as a result of the various experiments shown in this series.

1. Colour Magic in the Kitchen / イロイロ変わるキッチンマジック

2. Water, the Wonder Liquid / 不思議な液体、“水”で遊ぼう

3. Cooking Scientific Style-1 / サイエンス・クッキングー1

4. Which is Salty? / どっちが水? どっちが塩?

5. The Art of Making Bubbles / きわめよう! しゃぼん玉

6. Having Fun with the Mysterious Gas 'Air' / 不思議な気体、“空気”で遊ぼう

7. Transforming PET Bottles / ペットボトルの七変化

8. Water Has a Tug of War / のぞいてごらん! 水のつなひき

9. Cooking Scientific Style-2 / サイエンス・クッキングー2

10. Making Musical Instruments out of Kitchen Items / 鳴らして楽しい食器で楽器