The Digital Cosmic Encyclopedia宇宙デジタル図鑑

  • 10 x 44 min.
  • EED1S015-001~011
  • English, Spanish, French, Arabic, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

This program presents the latest findings in astronomy in the context of a computerized library of graphics. Pictures are created whithin a powerful computer using original digital data and images gathered by the latest astronomical instruments, such as a space telescope and space probes. They provide an enjyoyable tour of the Universe, including virtual flights through space by means of sophisticated computer graphics.

1. The Birth of the Stars / 星々の誕生

2. The True Face of the Sun / 太陽の素顔

3. Jupiter - Reports from the Galileo Space Probe / 木星・探査機ガリレオの最新報告

4. The Latest Images from the Moon / 月・探査機がとらえた最新像

5. Mars - The Red Planet's Past, Present and Future / 赤い惑星・火星の過去、現在そして未来

6. The Galaxies - A 15 Billion Light Year Voyage through the Universe / 銀河はるか150億光年の旅

7. E.T. - The Search for Extraterrestrial Life / ET・地球外生命の探索

8. The Leonid Meteor Showers / すい星の贈り物・流星群

9. Through the Eye of the Hubble Space Telescope / ハッブル宇宙望遠鏡が見た宇宙

10. - cancelled -

11. The Earth in Perspective / 惑星・地球の探査