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To open Japan to the Eyes of the World in the 21st Century

NHK International’s most important purpose is sharing the knowhow and programs of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, to improve people’s lives and contribute to democratization in the developing world. The project to establish a public service broadcaster in South Sudan has now entered its fourth year. This is a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project to contribute to the democratization of the newly independent country of South Sudan by building up the national radio and TV station as a public broadcaster. The assistance consists of creating the organizational systems and nurturing the people to work in news and program production and manage broadcasting equipment. Cooperation is also being provided to nurture fair and accurate broadcasting and journalism. The projects to help with producing educational programs in Bangladesh and ethnic reconciliation in Kosovo, through strengthening of the broadcasting station there, are now in their second year. The training program for Vietnam Television (VTV) is also in its fourth year, with its focus on farming and disaster-reduction programs. In March this year, training for Laotian broadcasters in the management of the broadcasting centers for international conferences and production of related programs was provided in both Japan and Laos, the new ASEAN chair.

In the field of program distribution, documentary and educational programs were supplied to the three countries of Djibouti, Tunisia and El Salvador under official cultural grants. In Japan Foundation projects, dramas and cultural programs were sent to 25 countries, most notably English and Spanish language versions of the drama serial, Carnation. In the current financial year, English and Spanish language versions of Bon Appetit!, Here Comes Asa! and other programs are being produced to introduce Japanese culture and ways of life to people around the world.

The management of broadcasting centers for major international conferences is also an important element of our knowhow-sharing work. In May this year, NHK entrusted us with management of the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit. We provided video images and help with relay, transmission and other activities to 102 broadcasting organizations and others from 23 countries. Coverage of U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima was also distributed worldwide via the IBC and drew intense international attention.

The management of the Japan Prize International Contest for Educational Media has also been one of our core activities ever since our inception.

Always aiming to reinforce the transmission of information from Japan to the world, we shall continue to serve as the NHK group’s first point of contact for all broadcast-related operations of international conventions and conferences.

Our essential mission is to disseminate knowledge of Japan today and understanding of Japanese culture through broadcast and video content and, in our role as the public broadcaster, NHK’s, key player in the field of international cooperation, NHK International remains firmly committed to the furtherance of broadcasting in Japan and around the world.


July 1st, 2016

Makoto Harada
Makoto Harada
NHK International Inc.