Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan's Tohoku region on March 11th, 2011 triggered a massive tsunami that struck the Pacific coast of eastern Japan. The tsunami was more than 10 meters high in places and devastated large swathes of coastline. Some 20,000 people were listed as dead or missing and 400,000 displaced.

Historical wartime images-Nippon News

Historical wartime images in new HD footage. All 264 programs of Nippon News have been converted into a high-definition digital format with English scripts and matedata. Items are catalogued by keyword for pinpoint searching.

NHK Scoops - Terrorist Bombing of United Nations Headquarters in Iraq

A car bomb exploded outside the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq on August 19, 2003. An NHK camera crew was there to cover a press conference and caught the moment of the explosion. (exclusive).

Natural Disasters

The actual moments when major natural disasters occur and their aftermaths: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami and typhoons.

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