Never Give UpNever Give Up~あきらめないで~

  • 10 min.
  • EAN1T001-001
  • English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Kiswahili, Amharic, Nyanja, Shona, Wolf, Luo, M/E

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A young girl named Achieng lived happily with her parents in a beautiful village in Africa. But AIDS took everyone from her; father, young sister and mother. She was ostracized by her neighbors and lost her zest for life.
One day a group came to her village to put on a puppet show about AIDS. They cheered Achieng up and presented a young woman to the villagers. She had left the village to earn money to support her family, but she got ill and tested HIV positive. But she is fighting against AIDS with the help of many people. Listening to what she said, the villagers changed their negative attitude toward Achieng. In the end, she got back her zest for life.