The Animal Conference on the Environment動物かんきょう会議

  • 20 x 5 min.
  • EED9S004-001~020
  • English, M/E, HD

©NHK Foundation

This series of 20 short, 5-minute cartoons has been created to transmit simple messages about environmental problems to people all over the world. It is, further, a joint production by Japan and China for broadcast in both countries.Animals gather from across the world because the issues are too important to be left to human beings. The clashes between their diverse standpoints and opinions encourage viewers to think about environmental issues themselves. This rare cartoon series on environmental themes does not rush to conclusions but seeks instead to provide educational entertainment by grasping the essential issues and showing how cross-cultural understanding and the toleration of diversity depend on good communication.

1. Elegant Power Generation / エレガントな発電

2. Rainbow Picnic / 虹色ピクニック

3. Save the Endangered Species! / 絶滅危ぐ種を救え

4. The Dream Eco-house / 夢見るエコハウス

5. With Love from Space / 宇宙より愛をこめて

6. Super-Transportation Declaration / 超マイカー宣言

7. Diaper Rhapsody / オムツ☆ラプソディ

8. Dream Interpreting / ユメ占い

9. Pied Piper / 笛吹き男

10. Treasure Island / 宝島

11. Magic Seeds / 魔法のタネ

12. Exchange-of-Goods Meeting / くるくる交換会

13. Animals Go to the Moon / 動物、月へ行く

14. Open Water Party / オープンウォーターパーティー

15. Introduction to Fashion Trends
/ トレンドファッション入門

16. Deep Blue / ディープブルー

17. Genie of the Lamp / ランプの魔人

18. Magical Mystery Tour / マジカルミステリーツアー

19. Wind Path / 風の道

20. Earth Exposition / 地球博覧会