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NEWThe World Heritage Sites in Japan日本の世界遺産

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From natural landscapes to historic architecture representing centuries of cultural development, Japan’s World Heritage sites offer a wide range of glimpses into history and the beauty of nature.

1. The Maritime Kingdom of Prayers: Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu / 祈りの海洋王国:琉球王国のグスク及び関連遺産群

Until the islands of Okinawa became part of Japan, they were home to the Kingdom of Ryukyu. The kingdom fostered trade among its neighboring nations and left behind a unique architectural and spiritual tradition that remains a part of daily life for many island residents.

2. Silver Rush Dreams: Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and Its Cultural Landscape / シルバーラッシュ 夢の跡:石見銀山遺跡とその文化的景観

The miners of Iwami Ginzan worked in cramped darkness, risking their lives for fortune and glory. The area once produced vast quantities of silver yet had little impact on the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

3. The Sacred Shogun: Shrines and Temples of Nikko / 将軍が眠る祈りの山:日光の社寺

In the 16th century, Tokugawa Ieyasu united the warring states of Japan under an umbrella of peace that lasted for 250 years. His remains are interred among the historic shrines and temples of Nikko, still a focus of religion and spirit for the Japanese.

4. A Miraculous Paradise of Life: The Ogasawara Islands / 奇跡紡いだ生き物の楽園:小笠原諸島

Isolated at a remote location in the Pacific Ocean, the Ogasawara Islands are home to unique species of both flora and fauna. Their interconnected cycle of life is supported by efforts to control invasive species that threaten their delicate balance.

5. Island of Eternal Forest: Yakushima / 悠久の時を生きる森:屋久島

The lush forest of Yakushima island is home to yakusugi, a unique species of cedar tree. Some yakusugi are thousands of years old. Once threatened by deforestation due to logging, the yakusugi have been preserved by local residents for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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