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Japan’s Unique Local Manufacturers小さな世界企業 III

  • 5 x 10 min.
  • EDC3S020-001~005
  • English, Spanish, French (Eps.2-5), Arabic (Eps.2-5), M/E, HD

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Japan has many small companies involved in manufacturing products with great pride and enthusiasm, and we would like to introduce a few unique examples. Firmly rooted in their local area, each of these companies creates excellent items that can only be produced by them. Where do their original ideas come from? What hardships do they suffer in developing their products? What company philosophy backs up their passion? These programs introduce the essence of the spirit of Japanese ‘monozukuri’ manufacturing.

1. NAKAMURA BRACE CO., LTD. / 中村ブレイス株式会社

We introduce a unique maker of prostheses and braces with a philosophy of encouraging staff to ‘think thoroughly for each customer’. Nakamura Brace also creates individualized prosthetic fingers and breasts that are easily mistaken for real body parts.

2. TOKAIBANE MFG. CO., LTD. / 東海バネ工業株式会社

The Tokaibane craftspeople create springs of every conceivable kind and size. The average production lot is only five pieces, but thanks to the unmatched level of craftsmanship, the company can sell its products at its own price.

3. KOJIMA GIKEN KOGYO CO., LTD. / コジマ技研工業株式会社

“We can skewer anything!” declares Kojima Giken Kogyo, based on over 40 years of accumulated knowhow. Customers visit from all over the world to see its unique automatic food materials skewering machines.

4. OKADA TEXTILE CO., LTD. / 株式会社岡田織物

This episode introduces ‘monozukuri’ manufacturing that effectively brings together the technical capabilities of local companies. Okada Textile produces the remarkably realistic imitation fabric fur called ‘eco fur’ that is in demand today by top international fashion brands.

5. TANIHATA CO., LTD. / 株式会社タニハタ

The skilled artisans of Tanihata enthusiastically preserve the traditional woodworking technique that creates ‘kumiko’ products without using nails. The popularity of the company’s sophisticated ‘kumiko’ door fittings and dynamic interior decorations is now spreading overseas.