Here Comes Asa!あさが来た

  • 156 x 15 min.
  • EDR0S042-001~156
  • English, Spanish, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

In late 19th century Japan, at a time when women were rarely in the limelight, there lived a colorful female entrepreneur, Asa, in the merchant city of Osaka. Asa worked hard not just to make money, but also to realize a world where everyone is happier than now.
Our young heroine Asa has married into a notable business family in the city. However, due to the changing times, the family business encounters difficulty, and her unmotivated husband leaves the entire business to Asa. She goes on to courageously enter into new fields such as coal-mining, banking, and life insurance, and dedicates herself to establishing the first all-female university in Japan.
This heartfelt and humorous hit drama, portraying the amazing business woman Asa is inspired by a real Japanese female entrepreneur. The drama is also a love story between Asa and her open-minded husband who unfailingly supports her.