• 151 x 15 min.
  • CLDR0S045-001~151
  • Spanish, M/E, English script, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

The story of the husband and wife duo that invented the instant noodle
A natural-born optimist who loves to eat, Fukuko meets her future husband, Mampei, while working as a telephone operator to support her family. Through life with this unconventional entrepreneur, Fukuko evolves into a strong woman who supports, encourages, and even leads in the marriage. After the war, Mampei and Fukuko go into a smorgasbord of ventures, including salt, supplements, and even finance, but none works out. Then, at forty-seven, a bankrupt Mampei begins anew. This time, his invention would revolutionize the way the world eats...