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Delicious Local School Lunches食べてニッコリふるさと給食

  • 12 x 10 min.
  • EED7S002-001~012
  • English, Spanish, French, M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Schools across Japan are increasingly developing unique lunch menus that use plenty of local produce. They help children to understand local specialty products and their own food culture.
Children not only eat these meals; they also learn how the products are made by visiting fields and factories. Through their experiences, they witness people’s efforts to preserve their local specialties.

1. Yamato Yam Lunch / 大和芋給食

2. Whole-Dried Saury Lunch / さんまの丸干し給食

3. Mushroom Lunch / きのこ給食

4. Zentaro White Radish Lunch / 善太郎大根給食

5. Seki Mackerel Lunch / 関アジ給食

6. Hoto Noodle Soup Lunch / ほうとう給食

7. Bonito Rice Lunch / カツオ飯給食

8. Jinenjo Yam Lunch / じねんじょ給食

9. Pickled Seisai Leaves Lunch / 青菜漬給食

10. All Carrot Lunch / ニンジンづくし給食

11. Flattened Soybeans Lunch / 打ち豆給食

12. Saffron Lunch / サフラン給食