• 15 x 20 min.
  • EED9S017-001~015
  • English, Spanish(Eps.1-10), French(Eps.1-10), Arabic (Eps.1-10), M/E, HD

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

From the winners of the Peabody Awards and many other honors for their minimalist expression of images and music, comes a brand new show --JAPANGLE-- which introduces the beauty of Japan. It is targeted at children worldwide and presented from the perspective of two puppet characters, a professor and his assistant, from an unknown country who are studying Japan. Each episode looks at a common topic, such as public restrooms, manga, and sushi, presenting them from four angles -- design, history, technique, and spirit. Children learn the methodology for gaining insight about things and their environment by deconstructing them in multiple and varied ways. Discover fresh perspectives on Japan, a land of wonders.

1. Public Rest Rooms / 公衆トイレ

2. Manga / マンガ

3. Sushi / すし

4. Train Stations / 駅

5. Baths / お風呂

6. Packaging / パッケージ

7. Ramen Noodles / ラーメン

8. Hairstyling / ヘアスタイル

9. Sweets and Snacks / お菓子

10. Stylized Movement / 型

11. Water / 水

12. Japanese-style Room / 和室

13. Rice / 米

14. School / 学校

15. Tokyo / 東京