Who Knows the Answer?
The World We Live inWho Knows the Answer?

  • 10 x 10 min.
  • EED9S016-001~010
  • English, Spanish, French, Arabic (Eps.1,2,4-10), M/E, HD

©NHK Foundation

This is a program that offers an enjoyable experience for children to gain information and practical knowledge that they will need in the future to live in society. “Would everyone become rich if we print more money?” “How should we protect ourselves from diseases spread by mosquitos?” As children think about and answer such questions given to them in a quiz format, they will come to understand the basics of subjects that may otherwise seem to be a tad difficult for them, such as economy and diseases.

1. Things You Should Know about Money / 知っておきたい!“お金”のこと

2. Beware of Mosquitos! / 蚊にご注意!

3. What is the United Nations? / “国連”ってなあに?

4. Things You Should Know about Stock / 株ってなに?

5. Things You Should Know about SNS / もっと知りたい!SNS

6. Water, Earth’s Precious Treasure / 水は地球の大事な宝物

7. Protect Yourself from Air Pollution / 大気汚染から身を守る

8. What is Electronic Money? / 電子マネーってどんなもの?

9. Stop Global Warming! / 地球温暖化を食い止めろ!

10. The Convention on the Rights of the Child / 知ってる?子どもの権利条約