Rockie and Her Friends(Part2)
(6-7yrs)ざわざわ森のがんこちゃん (Part 2)

  • 10 x 15 min.
  • JAMCO LIBRARY + SED4S011-001~010
  • English, Spanish, M/E

©NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

This charming series for 6-7 year olds presents many aspects of school life in an affectionate and positive manner. The central character is Rockie, a cheerful, rather clumsy pink dinosaur in her first year at primary school. Her school friends are a crocodile, a lizard, a snail and a snake. While focusing on the importance of getting on well with friends, respecting others, and being concerned about health and safety matters, the series also brings up important issues such as bullying and how children can establish their independence.

1. The First Day at School / きょうから学校

2. Rolly Bean Crisps / ころまめチップがいっぱい

3. Who Did the Poo? / うんちしたのだーれ?

4. Barring-Way Rocks / とおせんぼの石

5. The Mushroom Witch of Breezy Forest / 森のキノコまじょ

6. A Seed of Dan-Dan Grass / ダンダン草のたね

7. The Giant Catfish of the Pond / ぬまの大なまず

8. What's the Matter, Benny? / どうしたの?バンバン

9. Cactus Man Runs / サボテンマン、はしる

10. Gampey is Sick / がんぺーちゃんがびょうき