Privacy Policy

Through the NHK International Homepage, we are offering a variety of information services. On some occasions, it is necessary to ask users for personal information, such as name and age.

1.Notice on Use of Personal Information

Normally, users who access the NHK International homepage do not need to provide their names and other personal information.
In some cases, however, such as when subscribing to an e-mail magazine or entering a contest for instance, NHK International will need your name and other information.
Should it become necessary to ask for personal information, the homepage will carry information about how we intend to use the information.

2.Strict Restriction of the Use of Personal Information

The information provided through NHK International's homepage will be used only within the framework of the purpose posted on our homepage(s). The information will never be disclosed to a third party outside of NHK International.

3.Personal information of minors

Users under the age of twenty, should have the consent of a parent or guardian before submitting personal information.

4.Disclosure of Private Information

Through NHK International's homepage, we may ask for opinions, comments or questions with the intention of introducing them on our homepage(s). Personal information, such as names and ages, which is included with opinions, comments or questions may be disclosed in this case.

5.The Safekeeping of Personal Information

NHK International will handle all personal information with the utmost care. All personal information will be stored in secure databases under careful supervision. No personal information will be misplaced, falsified or leaked to a third party.

6.Confirmation, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

NHK International will strive to ensure that the personal information provided to us is stored as accurately as possible. We will, as a rule, comply with requests for confirmation of personal information. If any inaccuracy is discovered on such occasion, we will make necessary corrections as expediently as possible. Also, if users no longer wish to share your personal information with us, they may contact NHK International and their personal information will be deleted from our information database.

7.Links outside the NHK International's Homepage

he NHK International homepage provides links to other websites. NHK International is not responsible for the security of personal information of outside websites.
NHK International will provide direct access to a software company to enable users to download all necessary application software used in NHK International's websites. Depending on the software provider accessed, users may be asked for e-mail addresses and other personal information as part of the downloading procedure. If users have any questions about such procedure, please refer to the software provider's policy on protection of personal information.

8.NHK International's Right to Change Policy on Protection of Personal Information

NHK International reserves the right to change any part of its policy on Protection of Personal Information and may do so occasionally. For information on any changes, please refer to this page.

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